Russian Blue Cats of our cattery

Grand Inter Champion    Jolie Preferee's Fiona

The real Star of our cattery - Fiona, she is charm itself both in appearance and personality. She likes to take part in a show so much as if she wants everyone to see how beautiful she is.

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Champion    Givenchy Julie Kaptown

Extravagant cat from Kaptown cattery, she doesn`t look like our cats as she has Polish ancestors. She is so pretty and graceful with silver hair and emerald eyes.

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Champion    Jolie Preferee's Kiss Queens

We call her just Queensa. Light silver cat, she is very smart and easygoing.She is a real gourmet, so having meals without her is impossible, she can beg in such a way that noone can resist.

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Jolie Preferee's Fortuna Granda Kaptown

Fortuna is a promising young cat.She is daughter of Fiona and World Champion Alkor (Alkor Blue Star of Kaptown)
She has her mother`s emerald eyes and her father`s great build.She`s got dense,fine,plush and amazingly silver coat.

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Inter Champion    Dars

     The whole family`s favorite.He is very gentle,charming and sociable cat. His kittens win various show prizes and titles
     - from "Best" nominee to "Best of Best" title in "Best in Show".He gets on well with all family members and visitors. He is well-built with firm muscles and he`s got silver coat and almond shape emerald eyes.
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Русские колубые коты

  Jolie Preferee
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